From a very young age, you probably listened to parents, teachers, siblings, and peers who tried to change you. Maybe they succeeded in transforming you into somebody they found to be more acceptable. Many of us are unaware that when we customize our personalities to suit how other people want us to be, we bury ourselves.

But the REAL YOU doesn’t go down without a fight! The REAL YOU undermines and sabotages any efforts that pressure you to become another person. The war between these two selves results in anxiety and heartache. If you conformed early, you may not even realize the cause of the stresses you feel.

If your personality is fighting for its life, you’ll be in trouble at the crossroads of your life, when you have to change your career or rethink a relationship. We waste a lot of time, spend a lot of money, and blow through countless relationships trying to figure out who we are. Sometimes we believe that struggling is a necessary part of getting anything worth having. But in the world of personality, “supernatural” ability is not the same as natural ability.

Think about Clark Kent in his glasses and suit, chasing stories with Lois Lane. Clark is a great guy who needs to be just who he is. Only he can walk into the newspaper without turning the place upside down. Only he can buy milk at the store and say “hi” to the neighbors. But sometimes Clark runs into a situation that’s too hard for him. So instead of staying in his suit and glasses to take on the bad guys, Clark puts on the cape and tights that belong to the part of himself that can fly and manhandle trains. Superman isn’t a different person. He’s just as much a part of Clark as the guy who hangs out with Lois. Clark just knows when to let Superman take over.

TraitMarker believes that you do not have to try hard to be yourself. If your personality had a resting heart rate, your traitMark would be its baseline. Any fluctuations above and below that baseline are included in your personality, but your baseline is the starting point. TraitMarker measures three strands in your personality that work in harmony, just like Clark Kent and Superman. We measure and arrange these strands according to their natural volume in your personality.

TraitMarker will discover which strand of your personality handles your everyday life, like Clark Kent. This strand is your dominant strand. Often a supportive, secondary strand shares power almost equally with the dominant one, like Clark Kent dealing with his work and his crush on Lois. But your hidden trait, your superhero in waiting, is the one who is just waiting to manhandle your stress. You’ll want to get to know him and find out when to put him in charge.