Frequently Asked Questions

What is traitMarker? TraitMarker is a personality branding tool.

What does traitMarker do? TraitMarker determines the natural baseline of your personality: what we call a traitMark..

What do you mean by “natural baseline”? Your personality's “natural baseline” is the average range of choices you make, including minor fluctuations outside that range.

How does traitMarker determine this baseline? TraitMarker evaluates three strands of your personality that work cohesively to want, to think, and to act.

What are the three strands of individual personality? Your personality has a dominant, supportive, and hidden strand.

Who benefits from traitMarker?TraitMarker benefits you if you are experiencing a major life change. Though these changes might be stressful, you can benefit from them if you understand your traitMark and make informed decisions that best vibes with your traitMark.

Why do I need traitMarker? You need traitMarker if you experience chronic stress, if you fail at commitments, if you have any doubt about your genuine personality, or if a life transition is giving you time to reflect.

How can traitMarker help me? TraitMarker identifies the ways you make decisions and the ways your personality handles stress. Then traitMarker show you the organic part of you that is uniquely designed to alleviate that stress.

How does traitMarker work? TraitMarker provides you 27 different scenarios. By looking at your responses to them and deducing your tendencies, traitMarker shows you the proportions of the natural strands of your personality.

What does traitMarker do? TraitMarker shows you how you are naturally inclined to work. It presents your traitMark as a cohesive whole, putting all of your personality tendencies into a specific sequence and an understandable frame.

What kinds of scenarios do you present? TraitMarker uses details from everyday life that reflect everyday choices you might make.

What is the success rate or guarantee of traitMarker? Every traitMarker assessment taker who has followed its suggestions for diminishing stress has found traitMarker to be reliable, allowing them to thrive in areas of their dominant and hidden strengths.

How soon do I get results? You will receive your traitMarker immedietly after submitting your answers.

What do I do with the results of my traitMarker? Print your results, and read them thoroughly. Focus upon your area of stress and the recommendations for stress-relief. Share your traitMarker results with the people who are closest to you. 

Does traitMarker have a privacy policy? TraitMarker understands anonymity to be vital in cases of character assessments or other private information. You will be able to create a screen name which we will use for your traitMarker results. After you receive your traitMarker, it will be archived under a number and email address.

Where can I get more information about traitMarker?For now, you can ask questions on the RSS feed. We will periodically expand the FAQs sheet as traitMarker users respond to their results. We will upload more information on the website as we continue to develop traitMarker.