Invisible doesn't mean unimportant.

Robbie Grayson - Founder of TraitMarker

"In August of 2000 I founded an alternative school in which I worked with students who had life-patterns of anxiety. Over the next decade I noted which solutions actually worked and which ones didn't. In time I learned that Albert Einstein summed up the difference between the good and bad solutions with the quote: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

When it comes to human personality, the effort it takes to fix your personal problem is different than the energy that went into creating it. When you use problem-creation energy to fix a problem instead of using problem-solving energy, it exaggerates the holding patterns you are trying to escape and suffering is the exhaustion you feel. Traitmarker finds your problem-solving energy for you."

Finding Your Hidden Strength
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"TraitMarker is like holding up a mirror to your insides!" - Brett Manning, Singing Success
"TraitMarker helped me change the way I deal with work and personal challenges." - Sarah Facer
"TraitMarker allows me to better understand my triggers and how to offset my temper." - Sgt. Ralph Gaskin, U.S. Army
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